Music is a universal language.

How will we bring this important human expression on our journey to the stars?

I’m MaryLiz: a space artist, musician, and rocket launch filmmaker dazzled by this question.

MaryLiz playing the MiMu music gloves.

ZERO-G MUSIC is my research project in which I explore all of the new ways we’ll bring our music with us as we begin to build communities on other worlds.

Here, I will share my journey as I

  • explore and experiment with new music instruments (starting with my Mi.Mu Gloves),
  • interview musicians who are considering how to take their art form to space,
  • talk to astronauts who are soon headed on these journeys as well as some who have already tried bringing traditional instruments to space.

To follow along, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and let me know what you’d like to learn in the comments.

Thank you for being here.

❤️ MaryLiz

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